No good will come out of this

I didn’t mean to start writing a blog. I just wanted to log in so I could comment one conversation and there was a possibility (it has been made too easy) to start your own blog. And I did it.

I once thought about writing a blog and then decided that okay, it would be cool but I’m not consistent enough to keep writing it and what would I write anyway? Well, I can promise you that I won’t be writing very often and what I will write will be only interesting to my mother. And she doesn’t speak English. Btw, I’m Finnish, a woman, 20-years-old, live in Tampere and the blog I wanted to comment was Mike Shinonda’s, who wrote a very interesting article about “super fans”

The address to my blog “tastaeihyvaaseuraa” is Finnish (written correctly tästä ei hyvää seuraa) and means “no good will come out of this” and that is exactly what I feel about it. But if I change my mind about that, I will change the address. Until that it stays.


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